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10 of 10 Bizarre Things – Why You May Want to Help Your Ex-Spouse Maximize Social Security (Even if You Hate Them)

Many divorces don’t end well and the last thing a divorcee may want to do is help their ex-spouse, who they can’t stand, receive a bigger Social Security benefit. But in some cases, that is exactly what you should do, especially if your ex-spouse has the bigger benefit. If your ex-spouse has the bigger Social Security [...]

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Bizarre Thing #8: Millions of Retirees are Missing Out on up to $70,000 in Social Security

Millions of married couples and divorced spouses are still qualified to use an incredible Social Security claiming strategy but don't know it. This incredible strategy could pay them up to $70,000 in extra Social Security income before they reach their 70th birthday. You read that right. I am not talking about living until age 90, [...]

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7 of 10 Bizarre Things – Two Checks In One: Maximizing Social Security’s Survivor Benefit

Most married couples are either unaware of the Survivor Benefit and how it works, or they simply do not realize its importance. As a result, many married couples make a Social Security claiming decision that minimizes the size of the Survivor Benefit. After one spouse passes away, the surviving spouse will receive only one Social [...]

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6 of 10 Bizarre Things – Retirees Can Receive A Big Social Security Boost, Even After Claiming

Number 6 In The 10 Bizarre Things About Social Security Series... As of April 30, 2016, retirees are no longer able to use the Social Security strategy known as "File and Suspend." Retirees and financial planners had used this strategy to help maximize their Social Security benefits. While this strategy is unfortunately no longer available to [...]

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5 of 10 Bizarre Things – More Is Less: Increase Your Social Security, Decrease Your Taxes

Number 5 In The 10 Bizarre Things About Social Security Series...Now this is a little bizarre. If you increase your Social Security income, shouldn’t your taxes go up? Not necessarily...Not only could your taxes go down, but you may be able to eliminate them completely. This has to do with the special way Social Security income is [...]

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4 of 10 Bizarre Things – Your Social Security Statements Are Wrong (In A Good Way)

Number 4 In The 10 Bizarre Things About Social Security Series... Your Social Security statements show the benefit amounts you will receive at three different claiming ages; age 62, the earliest claiming age, your Full Retirement Age (assumed to be age 66) and age 70, the oldest claiming age. Well it turns out the benefit [...]

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3 of 10 Bizarre Things – Even In Poor Health, You May Want To Delay Social Security Benefits

Number 3 In The 10 Bizarre Things About Social Security Series... The common belief about Social Security is that if you are in very poor health, you should claim your benefits as early as possible so you can receive the most amount of Social Security income as possible before you die. That makes sense in most [...]

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2 of 10 Bizarre Things – Getting A Divorce Could Substantially Increase Your Social Security Income

Here's another bizarre thing about Social Security: Getting a divorce could substantially increase your Social Security income. This applies to someone who has been divorced and remarried. If your first marriage lasted at least 10 years before the divorce, Social Security allows you to claim a Spousal Benefit and a Survivor Benefit based upon the [...]

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