The Survivor Benefit

The Survivor Benefit

The Survivor Benefit is something all married and divorced people should know – especially women. You want to be sure that if your spouse passes before you, you will be financially comfortable without their income. And if you pass before them, you want to be sure you are setting them up for a successful and stress-free retirement.

To learn more about the importance of the Survivor Benefit, what it is, and how to best use it, explore the free resources below.

Article: The Best Gift a Husband Can Give His Wife: A Large Social Security Benefit

As a wife retires, she is going to make the biggest financial decision of her lifetime: her Social Security benefit. However, the wife is usually not the one making that decision – it is her husband. If her husband makes a poor decision, chances are high that only she will suffer the consequences.

Article: Why you Shouldn't Claim at 62 #5: The Survivor Benefit

Before claiming your Social Security Benefits at age 62, you need to know about the Survivor Benefit. Every married couple should know how the Survivor Benefit works and how to maximize the size of it. Social Security’s Survivor Benefit will play a critically important role in the life of a married woman. It can help her to maintain a good quality of life after her Husband dies. But the size of the Survivor Benefit she receives is determined by her Husband, and when he decides to claim. 

Video: The 5th Thing Every Married Woman Should Know


There’s still so much more you should know about Social Security!

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