Booking Policy

  1. Each booking entitles the client to one hour of Brian Doherty’s time for personalized advice on their social security claiming decision situation.
  2. Upon booking, the client agrees to pay a $1,000 non-refundable deposit for securing the time slot. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the 1 on 1 session.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:

a. No-shows:
  1. In the event of a no-show, the client is allowed to reschedule their 1 on 1 session only once.
  2. The client must rebook the session within three (3) days of the original no-show appointment, or they will forfeit their non-refundable deposit and will need to submit a new deposit for a new booking.
b. Rescheduling with Advanced Notice:
  1. Clients may reschedule their 1 on 1 session up to two (2) times.
  2. Rescheduling requests must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the originally scheduled 1 on 1 session.
  3. Failure to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice for rescheduling will result in the forfeiture of the non-refundable deposit, and the client will need to submit a new deposit for a new booking.

Refund Policy:

  1. The $1,000 deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances. Clients are encouraged to review their schedule and ensure they can attend the 1 on 1 session before making a booking.

By booking a session with Brian Doherty, clients agree to adhere to this booking and cancellation policy. Any disputes arising from this policy will be handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.