Claim With Confidence Social Security Calculator

Claim With Confidence Social Security Calculator



When to claim your Social Security benefits is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. But where can you go to get the most accurate information on all your options? Are you leaving money on the table? Our Claim With Confidence Social Security Calculator helps you discover your social security benefit claiming options, and get every dollar of Social Security benefits you are entitled to.
This product includes a one-time use of my Claim With Confidence Social Security Calculator, including:
  1. A PDF report with up to three potential Social Security claiming strategies customized for you, each with step-by-step instructions telling you what benefits to claim and exactly when to claim them.
  2. Easy-to-understand charts with important ages and benefit amounts highlighted
It turns out there are very few places you can go to get this critically important information, you can’t even go to Social Security itself. That is why I use my decades of education and over 12 years work experience in the Financial Services industry to help people like you make the best Social Security claiming decision for yourself. That is why I created CLAIM WITH CONFIDENCE. If you purchase my Claim With Confidence package during the 5 – Day window of opportunity, you’ll receive free BONUS items:
  1. “Understanding the Importance of the Social Security Claiming Decision” – a live video presentation. In this presentation, I talk about some truly amazing things about Social Security that everybody should know before they claim their benefits.
  2. A free copy of my multiple award-winning Social Security book “Getting Paid To Wait”. When Getting Paid To Wait was published, it won the International Book Award as the Best Business/Personal Finance book that year.
  3. The Claim With Confidence Medicare Guide. Social Security and Medicare go together.  The Claim With Confidence Medicare Guide will tell you when you should claim Medicare, the different parts, and what medical expenses those parts will cover.


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