• Learn the entire claiming process with my Social Security Guide and easy step-by-step Report

  • Calculate your exact benefits with our one-time Social Security Calculator

  • Follow straight forward charts highlighting important information you need to know

  • Interact with educational videos designed to simplify your Social Security experience

And if you aren’t happy, I offer a 30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeWhat are you waiting for?

Trust in my 35 years of experience in the financial industry, and over 12 years experience advising others on Social Security benefits

I am confident that you will learn valuable information that applies to your personal Social Security situation. Save yourself the headache and potential costly mistakes of tackling your claims alone. After all, claiming your Social Security — and knowing when and how! — is one of the most important decisions someone can make in their lifetime.

That’s why I’m offering my package, valued at $1,651.65, for only $67.95! Let’s do this together.

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See how easy it is to fill out our Claim with Confidence Calculator!

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Join the countless Americans that we've helped claim the Social Security benefits they're entitled to.

That’s right—you’ll get access to the complete Claim with Confidence package and all the bonus items for just $67.95!

Have questions about the Claim with Confidence Calculator?

What's included in the purchase?
  1. You'll get access to our easy-to-use Claim with Confidence calculator, where you'll be able to quickly enter your personal information on our secure platform.
  2. Calculate your social security benefits claiming scenarios in as little as 60 seconds.
  3. Learn the entire claiming process with my Social Security Guide and step-by-step Report.
  4. Plus! You'll learn how to maximize your income with educational videos designed to simplify your Social Security benefits claiming experience.
  5. And! You'll keep access to your results forever with lifetime login access.
How is the Claim with Confidence Calculator delivered to me?

Once you place your order at the check-out, you will receive an email including everything from the package. Then, you'll create your login with the link provided to you via the email.

Will I always have access to the Claim with Confidence Calculator?

You will input your information in the calculator just one time, but you'll keep your personalized report with lifetime access.

Do you offer refunds if I change my mind?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked!

Simply email help@claimwithconfidence.com or go to our contact page.

What personal information do you need?

On our secure Claim with Confidence platform, you'll need to enter your name, date of birth, monthly full retirement age benefit, and the same information for your spouse (where applicable). We only use this information to deliver you a customized, accurate claiming strategy.

We will never ask you for your social security number.

We will always keep your personal information safe. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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